C’est La Vie has developed and sells original cosmetics such as lotion, sheet mask, and hydroquinone cream containing Japan’s hot spring water.

Hydroquinone Cream


A moisture cream that contains 4% hydroquinone, 5% oil-soluble vitamin C derivative (VCIP), and Bulgarian rose (Damask rose) essential oil.

Ceramide Spa Essence


A ceramide serum that contains Mimata hot spring water from Shimane Prefecture and two kinds of ceramides. Does not contain any water other than mineral-filled hot spring water. With a smooth texture, it ensures the hot spring water reaches the stratum corneum.

Ceramide Spa Face Mask


A sheet mask that contains Mimata hot spring water, ceramide, vitamin C derivative (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate), hyaluronic acid, and Bulgarian rose (Damask rose).

The mask is made of 100% rayon (cloth material) and sticks perfectly to the skin.